Sanders Family Real Estate Branding

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Diane Sanders to re-brand her real estate business. Diane was interested in freshening up her logo while keeping the graphic element as well as updating her business cards, signage and web presence.

We began with the logo re-design. I provided her with a large variety of options with the hopes that she would choose one or two directions to explore. Diane ended up choosing 3 directions but quickly narrowed it down to one. Once the design was approved we explored a range of color combinations. Below you will see the final result to the right and the original logo to the left.


Once the logo design was completed we moved on to designing the printed materials, including business cards, note cards and signage.

5sand  4sand


Lastly, we dove into the website design. To view the entire site visit Below are some screen shots of the final site.




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